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Product Name: Horizontal Directional Drilling
Addtime: 2010-11-19 15:19:09
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The horizontal orientation penetration drill with non excavation nature

The horizontal orientation penetration drill with non excavation nature includes main engine, assorted slurry pump group, slurry mix recovery system as well as all kinds of orientation penetration tools. Our Company is the earliest manufacturer specialized in development, research and manufacture of the assorted main engine equipment and drill expanding tool for horizontal penetration drill in China. Through research and development, production as well as joint discussion and research with the construction organization for few decades, we have clearer cognizance to horizontal penetration construction conditions and characteristics, which makes the slurry pump group, drill expanding tool and/or support equipments produced by our company improved constantly, with reasonable structure, convenient construction, firmness, reliability and other features. The products obtain user's uniform good reputation in service process and play major roles especially in West-to-East Gas Transmission pipeline construction process. The performance and reliability can be on a par with foreign like products.

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